A little bit about us…

We are a family integrated church. Children are a vital part of who we are as a faith community. At Emmaus, we welcome the active participation of children and youth of all ages in our inter-generational worship services. We believe that kids and adults have much to learn from each other.

Sometimes the way children are involved in worship has more to do with the way adults feel than what kids might need. Our approach is to foster an environment of inclusion rather than program-driven exclusion. Just as Jesus welcomed children, we also embrace, value, and desire to have kids meaningfully involved with their families as we grow in the Lord together.

We believe that families should worship together so that children will learn that they are an important part of something much bigger.

We believe that integrating age-related groups for worship is essential to the healthy spiritual development of the entire worshiping community.

We want children to grow up learning to tell God’s Story as they participate with others.
We believe that telling God’s Story resonates with all age groups. Not to have children involved in telling God’s Story makes it incomplete.

We want children to know and understand the importance of the holy sacraments (i.e. baptism, Table).

We desire that children and adults welcome and interact with one another in abundant love and grace.

We recognize that we have much to learn from our children and that we are not whole without them

What about something for younger children?

Expert, loving care and teaching– that’s what we extend to families with small children during part of Sunday morning worship. Here’s how it works:

Mid-week services: During the teaching time, children (mobile through age 5) get together for learning especially crafted for them. Then they return in time for Communion with their families. The lessons are designed to go along with what the adults are learning so that families can share ideas and insights through the week.

Things we’re working on right now…

  • Trail Life for boys
  • Heritage girls (Trail Life)
  • More tools for kids and tools for parents (Parenting classes
  • Inter-generational “Worship 101”.  Instructional teaching children about worship